We've considered a few different names in the past. "SmartStart" and "Kickstart" are both our same great product!

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We designed Kickstart to help parents just like you. If your teen chooses to not get out of bed after their alarm rings, Kickstart will temporarily block their favorite apps as punishment! The longer they refuse to get out of bed, the longer they loose their apps!

Thin, noiseless, and soft - When it's under your mattress, you'll never know it's there. 
Easy to install! Just place it until your mattress and you're ready to go.
Kickstart User-Sensing Alarm Clock​

​We are currently hand-building a very select number of "Beta" Kickstarts. If you would like to purchase your own pre-production Kickstart,  please submit your information below.

 (No obligations. We'll let you know when Kickstart is released for preorder.)​

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Kickstart knows the difference between a user and other weight. Your dog or a basket of laundry won't trigger your alarm.